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Skillselect Brings Changes To Australian Skilled Immigration

Department of Immigration and Citizenship in Australia announces changes to the Australian immigration programs when ever they feel it is necessary. They had introduced a new immigration online application called SkillSelect. The program was rolled on the 1st of July 2012. The application will help the department to take visa decision quickly and efficiently. Before July 2012, Australian immigration used to have six skilled migrant Australian visa subclasses: 1.Visa Applications in Australia subclass 885 (skilled independent) subclass 886 (skilled nominated/sponsored) subclass 487 (skilled regional sponsored) 2. Visa Applications outside Australia subclass 175 (skilled independent) subclass 176 (skilled nominated/sponsored) subclass 475 (skilled regional sponsored) To reduce the time taken and cumbersome, the Australian Department of Migration has merged these six and introduced 3 subclasses, starting from…

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